Best Gifts for Baseball Coaches (Any Budget) [2023 Update]

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Best Gifts for Baseball Coaches & Dads

Here’s a guide to thoughtful, practical gifts that any baseball coach would appreciate. Our list is budget-conscience, with prices ranging from $20-$300. Whether for Christmas, Birthdays, Father’s Day, or an end-of-season present – we got you.

Baseball Bat Decanter – $89

This decanter is not just for storing beverages; it’s a nod to the coach’s love for the game. Its design makes it a distinctive piece for any coach’s office or home.

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Louisville Slugger Fungo Bat – $74

Give the gift of fungo. For those who don’t know, Fungo bats are a lighter coaches bat made for hitting balls to infielders and outfielders during practice. You can’t go wrong with most brands, but we happen to favor Louisville Slugger.

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Baseball Display Case – $16

Ideal for showcasing significant game balls, team-signed balls and more. This display case helps preserve and highlight memorable moments from the season.

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Personalized Baseballs – $18

Personalize a baseball. Either with signatures from the whole team, or a custom printed baseball. These can be customized with messages, signatures, or important dates, making them more than just equipment.

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Clipboard w/ Storage – $22

An essential for game days and practice. No coach is complete without their favorite clip. This one is metal, made to last long seasons and withstand wear and tear.

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Easton Bucket Bag – $32

All-in-one coaches bag to wrap around any ball bucket.

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Smart Baseball – $21

Smart Baseball delves into the various analytical aspects of the game, providing insights that are both educational and enjoyable. Perfect for the coach or dad who loves to delve deeper into the game’s strategies.

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Pocket Radar – $399

For coaches keen on technology and player development, a pocket radar is a great tool for measuring pitch speed and progression. Here’s how accurate the pocket radar is.

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Coaching Turf Shoes – $85

Comfort is key for a coach, and these top-rated New Balance turfs provide support for long hours on the field.

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Whoop – $239

For the health-conscious coach, the Whoop band offers insights into physical exertion, recovery, and sleep patterns. It’s like an Apple Watch, without the distraction – aiding in maintaining peak performance.

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Portable Speaker – $27

A practical tool for setting the mood at practice or games, this speaker is perfect for the coach who values a good team atmosphere.

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Baseball Whiskey Glasses – $17

These glasses are a subtle nod to the coach’s love for the game, ideal for unwinding after a game or during the off-season.

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Custom Bobblehead – $94

Offering a fun, personalized touch, a custom bobblehead can capture the coach’s character and become a memorable keepsake.

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