Best Baseball Glove Cases for Carrying/Traveling & Protecting

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For every ballplayer, the glove is more than a piece of equipment—it’s like an extension of your body. I’ve had teammates refer to their gloves as “baby girl,” “sweat pea,” and… more. So let’s dive into some of the best carrying case options out there to keep your glove, or “baby girl,” in pristine condition.

1. Rawlings Glove Crib – Best For Protection & Storage

Rawlings Glove Crib, like their gloves, sits on top of the glove case market. This case has a molded EVA hard-shell, along with a glove ID tag and a Speedshell leather handle for easy travel.

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2. Lizard Skins Glove Guardian – Best For Protection & Storage

The Lizard Skins Glove Guardian offers a crush-proof case which will protect your glove’s shape through heavy travel. With an adjustable ball for fitting any glove size, a secure strap, and extra storage space, this case, crafted from sturdy 600D polyester and equipped with carabiners.

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3. Lizard Skin Glove Wrap – Best for Carrying & Travel

Opting for a more compact yet effective protection solution, the Lizard Skin Glove Wrap stands out. Despite its smaller size, it doesn’t compromise on keeping your glove’s shape and pocket conditioned. Suitable for any glove size, and made with robust 600D polyester, this wrap offers solid defense against the elements, ensuring your glove remains in top-notch shape.

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4. No Errors Webgem Glove Care System – Best For Shaping & Protection

The No Errors Webgem Glove Care System offers an all-encompassing approach to glove longevity. This system is equipped with everything you need for optimal glove care, including a forming tool, a moisture-wicking compression case, conditioner packs, and more. Designed to protect your glove from moisture and keep it in peak condition, this kit is essential for anyone looking to preserve their glove’s performance over time.

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5. No Errors Webgem Glove Care System – Best For Catchers

Same as above, but this model comes specifically made for catchers.

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Securing your baseball glove extends beyond simple upkeep—it’s about safeguarding your key to peak performance on the field. Selecting the right glove case ensures you step onto the field game-ready, with your glove as prepared as you are.

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