Best Baseball Cleats for Pitchers

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The importance of selecting the right baseball cleats cannot be overstated. When you’re picking out cleats, here are some things to think about.

Ankle Mobility

Ankle mobility is flexibility in your ankle is what lets you transfer all that power from the ground, through your body, and into your fastball or curveball. Especially for us pitchers, the back leg is our powerhouse. It needs to move freely to give us that “oomph” in our delivery. So, picking cleats that support this kind of motion is crucial. You want something that feels like it’s part of you.

Low Top vs. Mid/High Top

Low tops give you that light, nimble feeling, letting you move like lightning. But, they skimp on ankle support. Mid or high tops, on the other hand, are like having a trusty catcher behind the plate, giving you the support you need but might weigh you down a tad. The reality is the choice comes down to a your specific needs and personal preference.

Plastic vs. Metal Cleats

Unless you play on an artificial turf that prohibits metal cleats, metal spikes are certainly recommended for pitchers. While potentially heavier, the traction is far superior for those seeking every advantage in terms of stability and power on the mound. Some choose plastic (or molded) over metal for injury concerns, but again – this is largely personal preference.

Durability and the Pitcher’s Toe

Let’s talk about something every pitcher knows all too well – the pitcher’s toe. That back foot cleat takes a beating like no other, by dragging across the mound each pitch. Some cleats come with a reinforced toe box area to handle this kind of abuse.

You can also buy the Tuff Toe separately and attach it to any pair of cleats.

Best Cleats for Pitchers in 2024

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